Customer’s questions

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Here is an excerpt of what can be of interest to our Customers .......

  • May I obtain my van Gogh also in an ‚antique‘ state?
    • Sure, your painting can be prepared accordingly.
  • May I visit you and see the paintings?
    • Yes, we have showrooms and we look forward to your visit.
  • I have inherited a valuable, but unfortunately damaged, painting without framework, could you help me?
    • Yes, we perform an assessment, together with our restoration team, and we prepare a proposal. Our laboratory is available and  can produce frameworks of any type and size, and following the traditional handwork methods.
  • We have already found in your shop our favourite painting, but we would like to have it in an extra-large size for our hotel lounge, do you produce extra large size paintings?
    • Yes, we can gladly advise you and make you an offer.